Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Today we had the first concert in the Vondelstede, our new beautiful location next to the Vondel Park. 

Camille Verhaak introduce us to the wonderful sound of Clarinet and Gerda, who has played with us many times already, could finally play with a Grand piano!

It was great seeing so many little as well as  big ones enjoying the concert. We met a lovely htwoman with more than hundred teddy bears in her room! We also that carrying a walker doesn't always mean you cannot jump and dance! Yes, we!!! had an elderly Cheerleader in the group! Hopefully mama Aida we'll get the camera to capture that moment, cause she was slow and took not much this time (that's why we have to write more! Grrr...)

It was really nice! Are you coming to the next? 

Please let us know: sensenomproductions@gmail.com