Monday, November 2, 2015

TUESDAY 2nd NOVEMBER: new BABY-ELDERLY CONCERT: the violin, guitar and... bellydance!!!

What:  babies and toddlers join the elderly of our neighbourhood to enjoy the beautiful live music played by professional musicians. 

For who: Specially thought for babies and young toddlers with their (grand)parents. 

When: Tuesday 2nd November, at 11.00 (last 30-45 minutes depending on our audience!)

Instruments: Violin with Marielle Luijk, dance with Nicoletta Kaeidis and guitar with Ibo Bakker!

Entrance: FREE thanks to the subsidy of Oud-West City Hall!

Where: KLINKER  Borgerstraat 45, Amsterdam

The concerts: As always they will be participative and afterwards the children are welcome to play around with the musical instruments. Having said that, please take care that your children don't begin to play the musical instruments too early... 

Do you love taking photos/videos? Great! You would help us BIG TIME simply by sending us the photos or videos you made so we can show them to our sponsor ... and maybe put them on the site so people can see what is all about (an image is worth 1000 words, right?)

Want to join the concert in any way? Suggest songs? Please let us know in advance by email to get an idea of the dinamic of the day.